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Technology for Salons was first launched in Toronto ,  in January 2017 and has since expanded  into Jamaica and the Eastern Caribbean.


Technology For Salons  can boost your business, by providing the reward facility. All  customers will  appreciate Our retailers all appreciate their customers and show great enthusiasm for the program by accessing and embracing the data generated by Magna Rewards members shopping at their stores and by designing targeted campaigns for acquisition, retention or growth.

Today there are over 1.5M customers on the Magna Rewards Caribbean database, retail sales account for over US$749M throughout the Caribbean with more than 11.2M Magna transactions being recorded annually. Magna Rewards is able to service over 1000 point-of-sale terminals daily, which are directly connected to 240 retailing cash registers. Currently our operation is capable of processing and issuing 6,000 new Magna accounts per day.

Why Become a Member?

Customers are offered  Rewards points with every purchase when they shop  in your store.

         Start Saving Today !  Being a part of the  Rewards Club is so easy.    


         Rewards and Opportunities !  Rewards members benefit from greater rewards and more opportunities with one card.